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Specialising in Residential Renovation & Build projects for character properties.

Working with an interior designer may feel like unfamiliar territory, on this page you’ll find my style and my services to help guide you. Below are my design principles and the style I bring to each project.


My designs are paired back, sleek with a simplistic clean finish.

I believe in creating spaces which allow the mind to feel calm and relaxed and to me, this is achieved with minimalism.

Using Scandinavian design principles, I incorporate wood and textures in soft finishes.


Feeling cosy and warm is one of my core design values.

I often achieve this with textural finishes, layered upon each other creating a laid back relaxed feeling.

The basis of my are designs is to create an elegant, effortless look. You won’t find chunky pieces here!


Colour is very prominent in my designs and rarely do I design without it. Colour gives energy, life, joy and so much more!

I’m happiest when I work on projects with colour and believe it can totally transform a room into a completely different space with just colour alone.

I’ve studied colour psychology so that my designs can fully harness the benefits of colour for my clients.

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interior design services

residential renovation build & interior design

Renovation and build services are for homeowners who want to change the layout of their home and are looking for project management and turnkey service.

Renovation projects tend to be unique however follow the general process as shown on here.

I create bespoke services based on individual project needs. Fees are always communicated prior to commencing work.

the process


Initial consultation call (free) to understand: the scope of the project, budget and timescales

Design Fee proposal based on phase 1 of the interior design work required as discussed on the call and project management activities.

Upon approval of the fee proposal the following is carried out:


In-person consultation to discuss the design direction of the project, look and feel, how space will be used, restoring and maintaining property features, sourcing artwork, colour schemes and furniture styles

Site survey of the internals of the property in order to draw layout options

A conceptual board which encapsulates the style, look and feel of the project for you to approve

Initial drawings of the property including floor layout options, kitchen & bathroom joinery, colours and materials

Initiate the tendering process requesting quotes from tradesmen and contractors

Produce a schedule of work including quotes from tradesmen for you to approve prior to commencing work


Design schemes are presented and discussed in person including; design scheme mockups, materials, colour & paint schemes, wall and floor finishes for your approval.

Further drawing development including; floor layouts, elevations, bespoke joinery, 3D drawing, lighting and electric plan.

Project management of tradesmen and suppliers to ensure the project is delivered according to the designs and that the project is run according to plan.

Sourcing and delivering all materials including furniture, kitchenware, sanitary ware, lighting, flooring etc.

Ordering furniture, fittings & equipment for the project.

Installing & styling furniture

Professional photoshoot after the project has been completed for my portfolio.


Ideal for clients who are looking for an online service and are happy to implement the design scheme on their own. 

By providing measurements and images I create a design tailored for you without having to meet in person. 

Prices start at £500* per room

*Currently offering £50 discount due to COVID-19 

how it works

We start the process with a simple E-design form where you can provide more details on your home such as room measurements, inspirational images, photos of your room and a few details.

I provide you with a proposal outlining the work involved.

I’ll provide you with a concept board which encapsulates the style, look and feel of the overall design direction. You’ll have a chance to provide feedback to me and where we can tweak and refine the concept before the design schemes are created.

The design scheme is presented online via Zoom video call including; scheme mockups, colour schemes and a floor plan with a layout of the sourced furniture. Two rounds of revisions are available if required.

Once you are happy with the design. I will send the finalised design scheme to you digitally along with a shopping list of all the items sourced.


colour consultancy

Great for invigorating your home with colour

Prices start at £170* per room

*Currently offering £20 discount due to COVID-19 

how it works

In-person/online consultation to find the best colour scheme that reflects your personality and works in your home.

We’ll discuss the colours you like, dislike and current surroundings and how to optimise the light to create the best colour scheme for your home.

I’ll also provide you with a clear colour specification including paint colours, finishes and wallpapers.

“Rukmini is an absolute inspiration. I have worked alongside
Rukmini a few times and am always blown away by her creativity
and professionalism. I value the thoughtful way she seeks out
signature colours and inspirational pieces.”

– Rachel


How much are your design fees?

For renovation projects, once we’ve had an initial call (and possibly a home consultation) and discussed your project and what services your project needs. 

I will then provide you with a Design Fee Proposal based on the services that you require. 

All fees will be provided to you with a breakdown of my services before we commence work.

What is your lead time?

For renovation projects with project management, this can take 6-9 months or more depending on a number of factors including but not limited to; the scale of the project, tradesmen availability, supplier lead times etc.

For e-design, the turnaround time is 2-3 days.

How much support will I receive?

For renovation projects, we will be in contact throughout the entire process and this will be part of the service I provide to you. There are no extra charges for support.

Can you recommend tradesmen?

For renovation projects, I will go out to tender, source the appropriate tradesmen for the project. The client makes the final decision when hiring tradesmen. 

How do I purchase the items?

For renovation projects, I place orders on your behalf and I will be there for each delivery to ensure the smooth running of the project.

For online interior design service I will provide you with a shopping list with a direct link to the product in the design.

What is a Room Layout?

A room layout is also known as a floor plan is a drawing of your room from a birds-eye view.

Both renovation and online interior design services include floor plans and pictorial furniture scaled to the manufacturer’s measurements so that you can see what the proportions of the furniture will look like.

This format gives you a sense of scale and assurance the items I source for you will fit in your home.

What is a 3D Drawing?

3D drawing takes the visual experience up a level with 3 dimensional drawings. They provide you with a life like, virtual experience of what your kitchen would look like as if you were physically in the room.

It is a great way of seeing furniture items to scale before you make big purchases.

Do you supply and install furniture?

I’m afraid I do not hold any furniture stock however for renovation projects I source, purchase and ensure furniture is installed.

What if I don't like the designs?

For renovation projects we will be in constant contact where there will various iterations and changes so you will always be abreast with the design of your home.  

For online interior design service I offer two rounds of revisions if you wanted to make any changes.

What is your refund policy?

No, sorry. I don’t provide refunds on services carried out. As UK consumer, I do provide you with a 14-day refund policy however I do not carry out any services during this time for business reasons. You will be able to waiver the cooling-off period.

Please note: It is really important that you share my ethos for design. This will set a strong foundation for our relationship and the services I provide to you. A lot of people have a misconception that designers can design anything. To give you the most value please take a look at my portfolio to see if you like my style and ethos.

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