It’s been great working with Rukmini, she is a fabulous interior designer and her imagination of keeping the things in the right place is unbelievable.

When I first purchased my home I was perplexed that how I will be arranging things to make my home into dream home but the way how she handled my mind set up to portray into practicality can only be judged when someone will start working with her.

I would definitely recommend her to hire as interior designers if someone wants to make their house a dream home…


Rukmini has provided us with some beautiful designs for four rooms in our house. She has given us the confidence to be bold with our colours and design and well as helped us to create the ‘wow’ factor we were looking for in our home.

Rukmini is extremely professional, approachable and creative and we can’t wait to bring herdesign ideas to life!

Mr. Michael

a DELIGHT! Truly professional with great vision. She transforms the area in true colour.
excellent visualisations.

Easy to get on with and takes your dreams and turns them into reality.


Rukmini is an absolute inspiration. I have worked alongside Rukmini a few times and am always blown away by her creativity and professionalism. I value the thoughtful way she seeks out signature colours and inspirational pieces.

Attention to detail is something I lack and it feels comforting to be around someone who has it in abundance. From the moment I saw her zest for interiors I felt confident she could handle any project and so far haven’t been proved wrong!

I found social media was a great way to get to know Rukmini’s taste and style, as I started to want the same attention to my projects as I felt in the stories she posted.

I learnt tips and started to think more creatively just watching updates before we even spoke so I would say if you are unsure check out previous work and inspirations online to understand the thought Rukmini puts in each step of the way!


I have contacted Rukmini after I have seen some of her designs. I immediately liked her choices and asked her to give me some advice on how to modernize our bedroom. She was very helpful and replied very quickly to all my questions. I will definitely ask her to help me more.

A Faurie

Rukmini is a very talented interior designer. She was involved in the redecoration of my flat in Central London (about £50k project).

She did a great job from designing to project management and it was very helpful to have her involved.

I’d highly recommend Rukmini Patel interior Design.


It was a pleasure to have Rukmini decorate for me. Rukmini carried out a detailed consultation and measured survey for my master bedroom which needed much re-work after moving into my new flat.

The brief I provided was high end, luxurious hotel look, in return Rukmini provided me with high quality floor plans and 3D pictures of my bedroom.

She showed me different furniture layout options which I wouldn’t have thought of and really helped me decide what I furniture would be right for me and the space. The furniture styles she suggested were on point with my style.

Her designs were presented in an easy to understand format, provided thorough detailing and kept within budget with the shopping list she provided. She was really easy to get hold of and kept me abreast throughout the process.


Contacted Rukmini Patel regarding a north facing kitchen that needs a facelift colourwise. She advised me to send photos of kitchen at varying times during the day, then evening and finally night time.

I was also asked to photo a sample of my wardrobe colour scheme. She came up with a couple of colour options for the kitchen both of which were “just me” but maybe a bit bolder. Delighted with the response, project still in hand.

L R Patel

Our consultation was focused and Rukmini quickly created a vision which I felt comfortable with. Her style is broad and was quickly able to turn my dull neutral flat into a place of colour and life. In the consultation she assesed my style and colour preferences.

Despite the parameters she was able transform the entire space I can’t thank her enough for the effort and work she has put in.

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