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renovation projects

the brief

Renovation projects involve a number of phases, I’m going to talk about the different stages on a renovation project where I provided interior design and build services.

This particular project was commissioned by a property developer. The rental property located in London, Battersea was aimed for young families and professionals in the area.

The property was in dire condition when purchased and needed significant modernisation and had Victorian features which we wanted to enhance and became a key factor in the brief.

The brief was to modernise structural and internals for a three-bedroom flat whilst maintaining the integrity of the character features such as picture rails, fireplace and ceiling rose. In addition, the property needed to be completed to a high standard with good quality finishes.

Before – the living room required a number of works including, new flooring, painting, restoring the fireplace, rewiring and new plumbing

After – the living room is refurbished to a high standard with good quality finishes

layout options

Before designing can take place the project starts with a floor plan, which calls for a site survey. I carry out site surveys myself drawing the plans to scale to be able to provide layout options to the client and to ensure furniture and fittings fit within the space. ​

Once the drawing of the existing layout has been completed create new layout options are presented and discussed. Along with suggestions for structural changes and creating a layout fit for the client’s lifestyle. 

For this particular project, the layout changes involved converting one of the existing small rooms into a second bathroom, removing the separate bathroom and toilet to create a family bathroom and a new installation of a modern kitchen.

Once the layout has been signed off by the client the tender process begins and a schedule of work is produced. Then design & build phase begins.

Before – the kitchen fell below today’s standards and desperately needed a refurbishment.

After – a modernised, gorgeous fresh space to cook, entertain and serve as a family space. 

design & build phase

The design and build phase generally takes place around the same time and usually run concurrently.

For this particular project, there were a number of
regulations and constraints were taken into consideration when designing, such as including fire-rated doors and using cost-saving materials.

During this phase, further drawings are also developed such as elevations, lighting and electrical plan and bespoke joinery.

Before – this small room served as the study in the flat and was converted into a modernised bathroom

After – modernised, fresh and fully functioning shower room.

project management and sourcing materials

Project management involves working with tradesmen to ensure the smooth running of the project, ensuring designs were executed to the specifications whilst providing solutions to issues during site meetings. In addition, working with suppliers to ensure materials arrive on time.

For this project, I specified all the materials for the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, doors and hardware.

Orders for all furniture and soft furnishings were placed through the studio and also installed furniture and the finishing styling touches ready to be professionally photographed.

During construction – the master bedroom was an outdated space and required much needed TLC including replastering, recarpeting and painting.

After – reinvigorated the master bedroom feels fresh and modern with lots of light

3D design

3D design is a great way of showing clients a visual representation of the room. 3D design helps to see the real dimensions of the room such as ceiling height and windows. It also helps visualise the overall look and feel when furniture and soft furnishings are added.  

As you can see the 3D design is virtually the same as the real-life construction.

This gives the client a good idea of what to expect, what space will look like before going ahead with any construction work.

final reveal

Here’s the final reveal of the living room fully furnished and completed, what a transformation!

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