April 28, 2018
Painting with Avko Interior
By Rukmini Patel

I came across Avko Interior at the Ideal Home Show where I met Andrea. I was then invited to their offices for a day of painting with Avko Interior and to see paint making process. Their colourful offices are based in Hampshire with their cute labradoodle Lottie!


First I met the Colour Analysts Diane and Katie. Diane demonstrated the process of their colour matching technique using various equipment, technology and a lightbox with different types of light settings. Once a colour is matched a recipe is generated and sent to the Production Team.

For each order placed the paint is checked manually and by a human eye. I never really thought about the process behind creating paint there is a lot of work that goes in each paint tin. I was expecting a mass production line churning out paints on a conveyer belt. Instead, I saw people by the machines creating the paint and checking the paint.

painting with Avko Interior
painting with Avko Interior


Andrea explained that paint can vary on many factors. For example, a batch in winter could turn out different from its true colour due to the cold. Which is why an eye check is necessary. Their paints are eco-friendly and are water-based which contain low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels.


Low VOCs are really important, especially you are someone who paints quite often or has children. Some of the well-known brands sometimes produce smelly fumes. This is an indicator of a higher VOC. So it is important to pick brands which have a low VOC level.

TESTING 1, 2, 3

Next up, its time to roll up my sleeves and get painting!  This is where I met Martin a Production Supervisor who demonstrates the different types of paints and techniques required to apply them. Painting with Avko Interior just got very exciting!

The first paint shown is a feature wall paint in Setteveli, made in Italy. It has a grain-like texture with a silver pearly look when applied and two coats are required. The first is applied lightly just to cover the surface. The second coat is where the fun begins. When applied thick patterns, swishes can be created or whatever you fancy.

Personally I quite liked the random texture Martin created as it feels more organic. Next, we applied copper and gold, and the copper looks amazing and really catches the light. Avko Interior has the exclusive rights to sell specialist niche and luxury paints Sharazade, Settevelli and Madreperla range in the UK.

painting with Avko Interior

We then move on to matt emulsion and I’m blown away by Hamble le Rice, a deep rich blue. Applying the paint feels like painting with acrylics. The paint applies super smooth and a little goes a long way. The bold/dark colours are currently on-trend and sought after by dark interior lovers. Check out my blog post on 5 Quick easy painting tips where I use the Avko Interior paint, Hamble le Rice to paint my office.

painting with Hamble le rice


Last of the Avko Team to meet are the Creative Team. Clare their Creative Designer is responsible for designing various elements from their logo, pictures on their website to their cylinder tube holder for their wall chart.

Clare was originally the receptionist who had moved into a creative role after the company had noticed her artistic abilities. What I love about this company is how talent is appreciated and leveraged, in doing so they make not only high-quality output but happy employees.

Avko Interior

Lastly, I am shown to a very colourful printing room. A lot of creative work is carried out here. Including printing, the paint swatches and wall charts. I really enjoyed my painting with Avko Interior and learned a great deal about painting. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained an insight into the paint making process.

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