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Having worked on interior design projects in and around Oxford, many of my clients are new build homeowners who are choosing to buy properties outside of London, with new builds offering mod cons, brand new fixtures with no chain, it’s no wonder new builds are an enticing option.


reflect your sense of style


When designing spaces for new builds, I encourage my clients to inject colour and life into a blank canvas. Good interior design should reflect your personality and your sense of style, whether that’s using your favourite colours or designing with your interior style in mind.

The best interior designers understand how important these factors play when designing for a client – it’s all about you.

I want to create a home for you that speaks volumes about you by using stylish and sophisticated interior design.

contemporary design


With new build homes, homeowners are often looking for modern and contemporary interior designs.

Using my experience and knowledge I will advise on contemporary pieces for your home, through the use of space, materials, lighting, artwork and functionality.

I make modern interior design work for you and your family by listening to you and understanding what you need in your home.

character design


The character-filled county of Oxfordshire is known for its Cotswold stone, found in the architecture of many houses across the county. Used for many of the historic buildings in Oxford as well as Blenheim Palace.

The rich honey warm stone is highly sought after due to its ability to give an elegant country home look.

Using the architecture of the house you too can have an elegant, luxury interior design in your home in Oxfordshire.

professional designs


Your project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism from start to finish. I pride my design studio with award-winning customer service giving you the best professional interior design services in Oxfordshire. If you have a project in or around Oxford, please do get in touch today for your no-obligation quote.

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