Spring is finally upon us and I couldn’t be more excited to feel the warm sunshine greet me in the morning through the bedroom window.

We have decorated one of the bedrooms with Spring in mind but still works all year round. I’m going to show you how to achieve this look and how to make it work throughout the year. When designing a bedroom, there are two things that you need to think about which is are you a night owl or do you like to be bright and bushy tailed in the morning? For me it was a no brainer that we had to leverage the light coming through and maximise the space.


I’ve restricted my palette to pastels: pink, green, white and a touch of blue. Keeping your palette restricted makes you concentrate on the buying only specific colours which helps tie the look together. When we talk about creating a Spring colour scheme, the best way to do this is to think of the colours usually found in the Spring season and also the feeling it evokes. Remember Spring is known for re-birth, fresh, light, new beginnings whereas a Winter palette would be more, darker colours, cosy blankets, lots of candles.

With every interior design project I work on I create a mood board to help me work out the look and feel of of the space, below is an example of a spring palette mood board for a bedroom. You can see similar colours from this mood board appearing in the bedroom images.


The paint I’ve chosen here is Farrow and Ball in Pavilion Blue, the camera doesn’t quite do it justice. Yes, I know the the colour is called Pavilion Blue but my walls look light green, so what on earth is she talking about, I hear you say! That’s because the colour is actually a ‘fresh green blue’ as per F&B’s website and under different light sources looks different whether natural or artificial due to the natural pigment in their paint.

This room naturally has a lot of light coming through, so only made sense to pick a colour which bounced off the light and this one worked perfectly. You can make this work, by picking any of the spring colours that works best for your bedroom walls and your personality. It may be that you prefer eggshell, pastel blue/green coloured walls because pink might be a bit too much for the husband! Or you can make your walls as the main feature of the room by using botanical or fern print. Whatever you choose, when approaching the colder seasons, warm it up by using deeper shades of that colour in your accessories, more of that later.


If you’ve been following any of the 2018 trends you’ll have noticed that pink is well and truly having a moment in interior design. Green and pink are always a great combination, whether its bright colours or more muted tones as we have in this bedroom design. Personally I think it really lifts this room, without it, the room would just feel a bit washed out. The bedsheets used here are from West Elm. Pink can be used in smaller doses too if its still not your cup of tea, cushions, objects and even rose gold frames to introduce a warm metallic.


I’m a sucker for white furniture and I think it looks great in so many different areas. Its super versatile, so you can mix and match it with another scheme when you’re ready to change it. These bedside tables are from John Lewis, to make things more interesting I could probably change those knobs to something a little bit more interesting perhaps using some antique pieces found in flea markets or antique shops.


If you know the saying, ‘blue and green should never be seen’, well look carefully the bedsheets, quilting and large cushions all have blue embroidery, albeit its a small amount of blue, but it works and looks good. When you are dressing the room for Summer blue is going to come in handy, you just change the pink sheets to stripy blue or white and throw in a couple of smaller pink cushions, keep the larger cushions and you’ve got a summer look! For Winter I’ll change the cushions to tartan wool in a deeper blue/green shade and have a knitted blue blanket instead of a quilt, you could also go for a tonal blue look and keep all the bedding in blue but different tones. Incase you’re wondering the matching quilt and cushions are from The White Company.


You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but adding flowers to your bedroom really makes a difference, especially if you use flowers in season as I have done with these gorgeous tulips. Daffodils and blue hyacinths will also go really well with this colour scheme. To keep up with the seasons, change the flowers even if its just a couple of rose buds in a small vase or a one large peony – it will make the room come alive and feel lived in.


Using metallic elements adds warmth to your space, here I’ve used a small pineapple object along with a trinket dish with gold jewellery. There’s not a great deal of space on the bedside table and you ideally want to use it to put all your night time stuff like hand cream, your phone and books etc so you could use brass or metallic lamps or even a small picture with a gold frame.


And so how do you make the spring look work all year round and still look fresh? Well here’s a few tips:

  • Change the colour of your bedding up according to the season
  • Use seasonal flowers, even if its just a couple of flower stems
  • Incorporate metallics to add warmth all year round
  • You could also change the pictures above your bed if you can

I hope you guys use liked this post and find it useful – leave me a comment below if you have any questions

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