It’s that relaxing time of the year where evenings are light and warm and al fresco dinning is the norm. I’ve teamed up with John Cullen Lighting, to show you how to create that magical outdoor lighting as seen at Chelsea Flower Show in the LG Eco City garden designed by Hay-Joung Hwang. I came across John Cullen Lighting during Clerkenwell Design week. These people seriously know good lighting, how to light up a space and bring out the beauty of the design features.

Lighting can literally make or break a space, either drawing you in or making the space feel a bit dull. Lighting is a huge factor with Interior Design but can also be applied to the outdoors. So if you’re wondering how to get that awesome lighting in your own garden, here’s a few tips from John Cullen Lighting and a few pointers from myself:

The key trend for outdoor lighting is the use of LED products. Light emitting diodes (LED) offer extremely low power consumption, low heat (to protect sensitive plants, pets and children), as well as long life.

Use lighting to create a feeling of space by lighting up a structural tree or an ancient olive tree in your garden. Lighting can draw your eye to hidden seating, beautiful planting and sculptures within your garden, enticing you through the garden.

If you look carefully, the lighting shines from within the planting, like the hostas and shrubs. I particularly like how the seating and table has also been lit so that it draws you into the space, making it more inviting.

The best way to add lighting is to use mains power supply, it offers a secure power supply, so no limited light output on cloudy days, as well as the power to control your lighting from the house (rather than having to pop outside to turn things on/off). External power has to deal with stresses, such as rain and frost etc. Lighting up your garden helps extend usable living space for your family, it is well worth investing on this part of your home.

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