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Welcome to the Design for Diversity founder’s page  here you will find details on the pledge, resources, updates on brands who have taken the pledge and more

Design for Diversity, The Pledge

Design for Diversity, The Pledge is a new initiative launched on 18th June 2020, by Rukmini Patel & Kate Watson Smyth writer of Mad About the House blog. 

The Pledge is a three-point Pledge covering, Visibility, Opportunity and Accessibility to help the design industry to become diverse. It is a first step to working towards a diverse design industry and giving brands, businesses and bloggers a guideline on areas they can work on.

The Pledge is symbolised by a sticker which is placed on your website /social media and clicks through to a page outlining the three elements of it. We also encourage businesses to add their own top line so that people can see the specific actions that business is taking.

People who see the sticker will know what it represents, that the door is open for opportunities for jobs, for suppliers etc. for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities. 


I’m Rukmini Patel and together with Kate Watson-Smyth from award-winning blog Mad About the House we have launched Design for Diversity initiative.

After connecting with Kate on Instagram, we shared and echoed the voices that we heard following The Great Indoors Podcast and our blogs. After a few hours of brainstorming the Design for Diversity initiative, The Pledge was born. 

Who is the Pledge for?

The initiative is for brands, businesses, bloggers, influencers, interior designers and stylists.

How does it work?

The Design for Diversity initiative can be endorsed by placing a sticker on your website, somewhere visible (more details on how to receive it below).

Along with the sticker we will provide you with The Pledge wording below to be placed on your website. We suggest to create a link from the logo which leads to The Pledge wording: 

How will it be regulated?

It will be self-regulated. We are by no means a regulatory body and we ask brands to have a sensible and practical approach and to do the right thing. 

We do not hold the power or the resources of an industry body who could enforce measures such as auditing. Specific targets which require revisiting involves some form of auditing which is generally carried out in regulated industries, of which the design industry is not. 

How can I take the Pledge/Sticker?

Simply click on the sign-up button below and we will provide you with stickers and examples of how you can adapt it to your business:

Brands and Businesses who have taken the Pledge

Below are some of the brands and businesses who have taken the Pledge:


Mentorships & Internships

There are many small businesses who have taken the Pledge and taken action into placing internships or mentoring programmes who we want to champion and share their wonderful initiatives, so that if you are a young designer and looking for an internship or mentor please do reach out to the below studios.

Studio Carew – are offering advice to young furniture designers please email Katya here

Born & Bred Studio – are offering to mentor for young people entering the fashion/interiors world. Based in London.

Inside Stylists – will be offering a mentoring scheme within the interior stylist community

Blackpop – offering an annual bursary with an opportunity to launch a product with Blackpop who will then produce and market. Please email Maxine if you have any questions here

In addition, some independent businesses have reached out to us to share their own programmes through mentoring and interning and we want to raise the profile of these businesses who are offering opening their doors the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities. If you are a young designer who is looking for an internship please reach out to the above studios in the first instant.

Industry Initiatives

Other industry initiatives which have recently launched to increase diversity include:

United in Design – Offering school outreach programmes, apprenticeships, career guidance and mentorship.

Siren Sisters – A diverse female-led network of architects, interior designers, stylists, horticulturists, photographers, makers and consultants for TV and film and media industry.

BAME Designers & Artists – Instagram account showcasing Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority art and design.

Press & Media

We are delighted to see the initiative featured in press and media, highlighting the need for diversity in the design industry:

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