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I believe that your home plays a huge part in your wellbeing and happiness. Your surroundings and the vibes you get when you are in a room have the ability to make you feel at home.

Using my natural ability to help clients, I listen to them and understand what they really need whilst pairing my passion for interior design.

This allows me to give a unique service where I place the client at the forefront of my business. Basically, I love to help people! It comes naturally to me and so it is no surprise that I have created a service-based Interior Design business.

I love creating designs which are sophisticated, stylish, somewhat bold and unique. My interior style includes playing with colour and adding statement pieces like lighting. Attention to detail is one of my design values, it’s the small things that sometimes really make a design stand out.

I have a degree in Software Engineering BSc and attended Central Saint Martins and the Interior Design Business Schools.

interior style

Below are a few examples of my interior style, design principles and the style I bring to each project.

Of course, each project is different and I bring different styles according to what the project calls for.


My designs are paired back, sleek with a simplistic clean finish.

I believe in creating spaces which allow the mind to feel calm and relaxed and to me, this is achieved with minimalism.

Using Scandinavian design principles, I incorporate wood and textures in soft finishes.


Feeling cosy and warm is one of my core design values.

I often achieve this with texturedl finishes, layered upon each other creating a laid back relaxed feeling.

The basis of my are designs is to create an elegant, effortless look. You won’t find chunky pieces here!


Colour is very prominent in my designs and rarely do I design without it. Colour gives energy, life, joy and so much more!

I’m happiest when I work on projects with colour and believe it can totally transform a room into a completely different space with just colour alone.

I’ve studied colour psychology so that your designs can fully harness the benefits of colour.

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