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May 20, 2020
10 Kitchen Pendant Lights
By Rukmini Patel
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This blog post is all about 10 kitchen pendant lights. If you are about to design your kitchen and have island chances are you’ll want pendant lights over the island. So I’ve rounded up my favourite 10 kitchen island lights currently available on the market. There’s something for every colour scheme, finish and I’ve provided suggestions for the type of scheme they could work in too.


10 Kitchen Pendant Lights

1. Pooky Light – Regular Priscilla Pendant – really elegant, clear glass pendant would look great in a dark blue/gold kitchen scheme.

2. Onn Pendant Light by Arturo Alvarez – a real statement piece if you are trying to create a textured look. Would be ideal for a kitchen with a lot of wood or natural finishes.

3. Looking for a smaller scale pendant light with texture and colour, then this pendant could be the one. Would look great in a white kitchen. Gabriel Marble Pendant Light 

4. Bronze Round Pendant Light by Tom Dixon – if you have gold handles and want to amplify the bling? Try adding these elegant gold pendants by Tom Dixon

5. Basque Black Pendant Light – these black pendants feel quite masculine and edgy and would look great in a loft apartment or with metallic finishes e.g. stainless steel

6.  Kartell E Ceiling Lamp – Rose –  such good value for money and would look great with lighter schemes and smaller kitchens. Another option is to have them as a cluster at different heights over the dining table. 

7. Original BTC Fin Large Pendant Light, White – If your one for elegant clean lines and want something more than just a white pendant, these Original BTC’s are gorgeous and made with such great craftsmanship. Highly recommend for any kitchen with coloured or dark units.

10 Kitchen Pendant Lights

Image Source: John Lewis

8. Larger Qilin Pendant, Pooky Lights – ribbed lights are very much in and not going anywhere! Add texture and light with these pendants and would work well in most kitchens. Remember to match the finish of your handles to the finishes of the pendant light so chrome handles + chrome fittings.

9. Multi Lite Pendant Brass Frame Small by Gubi – one of the most influential designers in the world, Gubi has created this dual aspect pendant. Ideal for modern kitchens looking for a design element or a statement piece.

10 Kitchen Pendant Lights

Image Source: Heal’s, Original BTC image


10. Croft Collection Ezra Prismatic Glass Ceiling Light, Brushed Pewter – this style would work well if you have a long island and is used heavily for work or homework, the light spreads wide increasing the light hitting the island.

I hope you enjoyed this post on 10 Kitchen pendant lights and it has given you ideas for adorning your kitchen island. Don’t forget to check out the previous post on Restoring a Victorian property.  

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